CD mit gesammelten Apple II Referenzen
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One of the main reasons, you'll want to get this: "Get hands on the old apple II Feeling"  or  get an old Apple up as a toy for your children.
So, there is a twoway reason to get your Old Apple interlinked with your modern Notebook or PC ( may be also UNIX-Server ):  Get your Apple II Software treasuries, to run it on an Emulator ( also on the CD <SW-Archives !> ) or to get this Old Apple up, for you lost your Apple 2 -Floppy Disks and have nothing left , than your Apple with a Floppy-Diskdrive. ( floppies can be reconstituted using ADT and DSK-Images from SW-Archives are included - you'll find much DSK-images from my old Apple II-Days included )

Apple to PC/UNIX Transfer  (ADT) all this freely available ADT-Stuff is included, well sorted - just to use it
You'll find an something like the Apple to PC Transfer Kit  ( as offered from  Software -offering Catalog ) see:  ADT-AddOn  ( ADT ready in minutes )

Manuals + Referenzen ( bzw. Referenz-bücher ):
Apple_II_Redbook:Reference Manual d. ersten Apple II-Generation -1978- , AppleSoft-Manual
6502-Programming( Architecture ,Registers ,Instructions,Addressing ,Interrupts, Algorithms ,Reference ); Reference OpCodes,  Dokumentation Merling-Assembler,
Z80-info   (Architecture  ; Data Sheets  ; Instruction Set  ; Hardware )
CP/M 2.2 Manuals (HTML &PDF) 1 CP/M Features and Facilities, 2 ED , 3 CP/M Assembler , 4 CP/M Dynamic Debugging Tool , 5.CP/M 2 System Interface, 6 CP/M Alteration
Apple CPM /w.Softcard : Apple.CPM.ref ;  CPM_ProgrammersReferenceGuide

elektronische Bücher (digitalisiert) "Rund um Apple II" sowie relevante Teilauszüge

    6502, Z80, VIA6522, ACIA6850, SCC6551 u.a. interessante /AppleII-8Bit-Welt wichtige LSI, Alle TTL und Analog-ICs der Apple II+-Platine

SW-Archive: :documentation documentation/magazines_on_disk ; emulators: rom_images simiie apple2-emu-linux ; 
    a2-DSK-images: masters masters/geos utility utility/programming utility/misc , misc/nibble_magazine
                    programming/apple_pascal programming/mad_apple_forth programming/merlin_assembler
                    utility/disk_utils utility/communications
    utility (Non-Apple: CrossDev.,Emulators...)
CP/M  RetroArchive: ( Operating Systems and Board drivers,Programming Languages/Environments,Database Software , Miscellaneous Software ) , Walnut Creek CP/M CD-ROM
( You'll find:  Many of the early year PDS software floppies. Many of the formerly commercial products that were available in the 1980’s that have been reclassified as freeware or public domain.
Also: freeware and shareware collection of Apple II Emulators for the PC.  )

Documentation: (SoftDocs,

Apple II and Getting Started: start using my Apple II Now!?, Info about using and programming my Apple II?
 PEEKs & POKEs and monitor routine info,  programming languages available for the Apple ][, Apple II languages and programming info ; Apple II memory map;Apple II series ERROR codes

Apple II reference:   (system monitor , memory organization .Input/output structure ,Hardware configuration , The 6502 instruction set ,Special locations
Partly documented Listings: ROM listings (  Autostart ROM , Monitor ROM , AppleSoft ), DOS3.3-Src ,DOS3.3 ANATOMY: documented Src, CP/M 
DOS and ProDOS ( commands in DOS 3.3,Usage f. Keyb/Program, variables in a DOS command, "Volume Table of Contents" or "VTOC"?
DOS 3.3 to read/write sectors from machine code, address and size of a BLOADed file, information in the VTOC and Catalog sectors, Sector Usage -Repository
Apple-Pascal & UCSD-pSystem ( ShortRefs,DSK-Images,... )

Floppy drives & Diskettes ; Disk & file utilities.

Hardware hacking and hardware projects (thermistor to read temperature on  A2 ;pinout for the Apple II series Slots; Robot kits to use with  Apple II, Software UART , Apple II IDE/ATA interface , IDE f. 8bit-Machines ... )

Applications information

Apple-History, Apple I , Dtack_Grounded_68000 Magazine-Archiv,

Ergänzt ( Volle CD-ROM ! ):  Electronics & Electronic-Lab /Homebrew ,   Robotics, Articles , CUG(C-User'sGroup-FDs)

Für die CD sind Such-Indices generiert, die ein Auffinden von Info's und Files ggüb. dem Web deutlich vereinfachen.
Inhalte von ap2-DSK-Images und Archiv-Files(zip) wurden in Inhaltsfiles zur einfachen Suche auf der CD bereitgestellt.
Dadurch findet sich auch teilweise auf dem Web verfügbares Material schnell und unkompliziert. Bereits auf dem Web nicht mehr verfügbares Material finden Sie hier wieder.

=> Habe Interesse an der CD ( Obulus f. Zeitaufwand fällt an  )
( wenn Sie etwas spezielles suchen, fragen Sie ruhig nach, ggfs. kann das DSK-Image gleich ergänzt werden )

AddOn:  ADT Ready in Minutes   ( Cable 5m <max. 20m , just ask> ;   5.25-FloppyDisk ( Disk II-compatible  <2  written w. diff. Drives, in Case 1 fails >  )

So, pull the Cable-Connectors in Place ,
just  put the CD in the Drive of  your favoured Computersystem ( PC<DOS>, Windows , UNIX/Linux ) and follow HTML-Advise , put  the Floppy into your Floppy-Disk-Drive & Run.
Minutes later the contents of your Apple2-Treasure-FloppyDisk is on your Modern Computersystem. ( There are also a collection of tools , to Browse/Convert the Contents and sure one of the emulators provided will run on your System to play with the just generated Floppy-Disk-Image )

Together with the AppleII-Reference-CD this is something like the CallApple "The Apple to PC Transfer Kit" , but it goes further for much stuff from my experience and collected Reference is included.
( An ADT-Manual/Article, you'll find online )