6502-SBC-Kit with Old Apple II Mainboard

This kit is ideal for people (Old Apple II -Fan's & 6502-Enthusiasts) , who want to build their nostalgic "Super-AppleII" or want to use the well-known Apple II-Technology/Environment for some homebrew Control-Stuff ( Some kind of DIY-SBC ).

Their are many different Magazine Articles and instructions (included on CD) to use higher integrated D-RAM Chips , to boost the old 48Kbyte (64 Kb. together w.16K -RAMcard/Language-Card)-Barrier. To make this changes ( remove Power-Supply-Wires +12V,-5V  f. the 4116-DRAM-Layoutdesign ) , it's much simpler to
use an "empty" Motherboard.

Included is also a Chip-Plan, what chips are required for which functionality.
So for simple Control-Applications, you don't need slots and half the ICs on the Board (Video-Stuff, ..)

All collected Information ( > 100 MB.)  is burned on CD.
There is also a description , how to add a VIA6522-Chip (only 17 Wires & this Chip)  for enhanced I/O & Control-Possibilities.
And their is a collection of applications f. the VIA6522.

All this is ideal, if you want to learn about  uC (MicroController-Applications) , for the Apple II-Tec is a prototype for modern uC-LSI, but is a size, to work on, with your circuit-cellar stuff.

I have 2 kind of boards:

1. Apple II-Style Taiwan-Rebuild or

2. a enhanced one , with Z80 & 16KLanguage card already integrated.

( Alternate-Picture: http://www.gibi.de/gibi/img2/MB6502+Z80+64k_2.JPG )

See also on my Homepage (Sorry only german currently )
6502-SBC-Anwendungsentwicklungs-Kit ( http://www.gibi.de/gibi/StuffForSale/ap2-Teile.html#6502-SBC-Anwendungsentwicklungs-Kit: )

DIY= Do It Yourself
SBC=Single Board Computer